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Since Shell is the producer on Pennzoil® motor oils, Pennzoil is now the recommended oil for BMW engines. , In Stock 100% guarantee. MaxLife™ Multi-Vehicle ATF. Quite expensive I may add. Mazda also says so. RAVENOL ATF T-IV Fluid is based on hydro cracking oils and PAO with special additives and inhibition to ensure the proper operation of the automatic transmission. The best part is, our BMW 325i Automatic Transmission Fluid products start from as little as $5. Car A Rac presents recommended by manufacturers fluid types Bob is the Oil Guy is the internet's number one motor oil site. I was tired and stupid. Provides the same excellent protection and performance as AMSOIL Signature Series Multi-Vehicle ATF. My independent shop recommended BG synthetic ATF. Car A Rac presents recommended by manufacturers oil types. Check your owner's manual for proper service intervals and needed fluid capacities. We are the most social Z community on the web! If this is not the exact Auto Trans Fluid (ATF-2) (1 Liter) you are looking for, or you would like this part in a brand other than Genuine BMW, please contact us and one of our customer service experts will help you locate the exact part you need. those last 'life time' or 100k - 200k change 1 time de is those manual gearbox oil even those also must change. 5% coupon applied. The one component of the entire system that’s critical to all of these parts working properly together is the Automatic Transmission Fluid, or ATF. Drain the fluid out and fill with the proper Dexron III ATF. There isn't an easily visible transmission fill spot, and even so, it doesn't say anything around it. Save 5% with coupon. GM Transmission : 1991~1999 (E39) 528i : GM Transmission Re: ATF OIL for bmw Hi Sam, you have no problem on non-std ATF oil ? Change just the oil only ? Actually what the real benefits other than for maint. Keep draining and BMW Transmission Fluid Parts at Discount Prices. How do I fix it? I have to ask that what effect on my car and how i remove all the ATF oil and how to refil new oil. Use our auto parts catalog online any time of day, any day of the week. Save on cost when you find your BMW replacement Automatic Transmission Fluid with us. purpose ? as the change is quite expensive. Just dig into the product data sheets of the ATF , fork oil or whatever you want to compare. 0 with automatic and 27K miles. Acording to Auto Bavaria they will do gear oil change or reprogramming of the transmission only if there is any problem. 665 1 Tote METHOD TYPICAL RESULTS Viscosity Grade Multi-Purpose ATF DEXRON ® III / MERCON Gravity, °API ASTM D287 32. Bmw 3 series 6 speed automatic transmission fluid zf genuine gearbox oil 7L. Genuine BMW Part Number: 83222289720 . Today we are servicing the automatic tranmission on this E46 325ti Compact. Last you will find the official directions from ZF on how fill and check the ATF Fluid. BLAU BMW Transmission Fluid Filter Change Kits include the transmission filter, oil pan gasket, drain plug gasket, fill plug gasket, hardware, and 3-6 liters RAVENOL BMW transmission fluid. Fast delivery and low prices. Does anyone know what the recommendation is for Automatic Transmission Fluid for a 2002 325i? Do I have an alternative other than buying the BMW ATF from the dealer? Mike Miller's Old School Maintenance schedule makes it seem like Redline is recommended for Manual, but not the automatic. Max ATF is recommended in vehicles requiring any ofthese automatic transmission fluids: Allison C-4, TES-295; Audi G-052-162, G-052-990, G-055-025; BMW 7045E, LA2634, LT71141 I agree, it's probably the power steering reservoir. MY BMW X5 is Low on ATF Oil, what type should I use? - Answered by a verified BMW Mechanic BMW has used automatic transmissions from both GM and ZF which have different ATF requirements. Valvoline ATF +4 ® Valvoline™ ATF for MERCON ® V applications. BMW E46 Automatic transmission fluid change ATF. Is Regular ATF labeled fluid the same as ATF+4 ? The bottle says its ok in Chry. eEuroparts. BMW transmission fluid is made for your specific transmission specification. What is it for? I am reading that the transmission fluid needs to be checked and changed at the transmission. Motul Transmission Fluid Change on E90 BMW 335i – Mod Auto offers BMW Trans Oil Change services Nick February 28, 2017 Recently one of our regular customers here at ModAuto brought in his heavily modified E90 BMW 335i to have the transmission fluid changed out with a fresh batch of Motul Automatic Transmission Fluid. I am presently using 7. Maybe we should find out from other BMW dealers if they are practicing the same. 2 product ratings - For BMW E36 E83 E90 Set of 6 DEXRON-VI Automatic Transmission Fluid 83222163514 $69. 250 x W 39. Make sure to compare prices and take a look at the top user reviewed Automatic Transmission Fluid products that fit your BMW. Mobil 1 Synthetic ATF is engineered to help: Provide outstanding resistance to oil breakdown and deposits; Improve overall transmission durability and In today's video I talk about using a Valvoline Maxlife ATF transmission fluid for GM and ZF BMW transmission service. => Audi / VW Oil No. I use BMW fluid. no oil is life time 1, That’s why I mentioned ATF and not gearbox oil. 99. org was launched on December 5th 2011, and has been growing rapidly ever since. $38. ????? Advance Auto Parts has 7 different Automatic Transmission Fluid for your vehicle, ready for shipping or in-store pick up. Technical Service Bulletin from the Filter Manufacturers Council (60. Bimmer drivers get to avoid the 3,000 mile oil change and instead only need an oil service every 7,500 miles for their Intermediate Oil Change and Oil & Safety Service appointments. A fuel efficient automatic transmission fluid recommended for GM, Ford and Toyota transmissions where lighter viscosity oil is required. I have a 2005 E60 2. Something like 100$ gal Many folks use the redline product I'm sure. 250 57. Order BMW 3 Saloon (E90) 320i 2. Just as you say, there's a difference between a true flush and dropping the pan. AutohausAZ offers a large selection of Pentosin parts online. Co. This is a step-by-step guide (with pictures) for draining and refilling your Automatic Transmission Fluid in your BMW. 99 $ 38. Running the engine is not so bad, but putting a load on it and getting it real hot could do some damage. RAVENOL ATF T-IV Fluid is universal ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) for the latest generation of automatic transmission. 8603 Viscosity @ 40°C cSt ASTM D445 35. Pentosin ATF 1 is formulated by means of the best commercially available synthetic base oils and additive components. Genuine BMW fluid for your GA8HP45Z, 1990s-2000s 5-speed and 6-speed ATF (excluding E46 M3, E9X M3, Z4M) From the mid-1990s, nearly all BMW manual transmissions, except 6-speed M models, use a Dexron III ATF oil, indicated by an "ATF" label on the transmission. The label says it’s ‘full synthetic’ but Liqui Moly’s label says ‘synthetic technology. 83 22 2 289 720. I have a 2002 Windstar Van 204k miles and started with a minor leak of coolant. Engine Oil BMW recommends 5W-30 weights (5W-40 for warmer climates) and its list of approved synthetics are Castrol Syntec, Mobil One, and of course the BMW Synthetic Motor Oil from the dealer. Source: james2538. Quart Bottle - RL30504. If neither is suitable, what is? ATF appeals to me because I can get it anywhere. 150 / 57. Below is the list of recommendations from BMW for the E36 models and MAY apply to other models. 150 2,524. Recommended oil for transmissions of BMW cars. genuine oe zf lifeguard automatic gearbox oil. Find out how much gear oil does your car need. What do you think may be the problem ATF seems to be about the same viscosity as the Bel Ray 10w fork oil I have on the shelf. If it is making noise, I would drain the ATF immediatly and replace with fresh oil. A high performance shear stable VI-Improver plus modern Product Details MOTUL Multi ATF (automatic transmission fluid) and gearbox oil. To make matters more extreme, fluid and filter changes aren’t even prescribed for many later BMW models (mid-90s to current). Fork oil? Not so much. Bmw says theirs is lifetime. org - Catering for all BMW Z Roadster and Coupe models - BMW Z1, BMW Z3, BMW Z8, & BMW Z4 forums, Technical Knowledgebase Wiki, Events, Shows, Cruises and Galleries. Valvoline ATF is a multi-vehicle transmission fluid that provides outstanding protection and lubrication of the automatic gearbox over a wide temperature range. 1058107 ATF1 PENTOSIN VWATF W0133-1632675 W0133-1917440 BMW Transmission and Oil Application Chart by Tyrone. Next you will find documentation from the Bentley manual on how to change your oil in a E46. AMSOIL Signature Series Multi-Vehicle Synthetic ATF is engineered to outperform conventional automatic transmission fluids and exceed the performance requirements of most North American, European and Asian vehicles. Specifically, I'd like to speak about the range of 90’s BMWs that use Pentosin CHF-11S, which is a distinctive bright green color. Free Same Day Store Pickup. 0 150 HP Gearbox Oil and Transmission Oil easily at AUTODOC. However the temperature guage in the dashboard did not show overheating but when i open the hood and touch the engine, it a little too hot to touch. I accidentally placed engin oil in the atf reservoir in a BMW 520d. 250 x H 53. This fluid has been designed specifically from BMW to work with the 8 speed transmission. December 6th, 2011 . Got it at a Kawasaki The 4 Best Automatic Transmission Fluids Available Automatic transmissions require a specific lubricant with particular properties, called automatic transmission fluid (ATF). D4 ATF also provides a GL-4 level of gear protection, making it a superior product for transmissions and transaxles. CARiD offers the best transmission oils to reduce the friction and prolong its lifetime. Check out free battery charging and engine diagnostic testing while you are in store. Engine oil in the transmission would mean draining and replacing all the fluid. What is that ATF Oil Only thing in my 2004 BMW 325ci? Okay so i was checking on my 2004 bmw 325ci with automatic transmission because it was overheating. Select kits also include BMW transmission fluid transfer tool. High-quality ATF for BMW E90 and other models. Browsing through our BMW Transmission Fluid parts category and you will find we have the best selection on the web. Mobil 1 Synthetic ATF is a multi-vehicle, fully synthetic automatic transmission fluid that outperforms conventional automatic transmission fluids and offers exceptional thermal stability. Discover now for yourself use at your own risk. BMW vehicles are designed to require service less frequently than other makes, allowing you more time on the road and less time in the shop. I’m doing a trans fluid and filter change. Automatic Transmission Fluid Application Guide. A few important things about the BMW oil a) it is a Group III hydrocracked oil which cannot be called synthetic in Europe, b) it is a heavy 30 weight (30 weight can run from [email protected], the BMW oil is about 12. G 060162 A1 / A2 / A6 ATF. The D4 ATF provides significantly improved gear protection. Regular fluid and filter changes remove unwanted contaminants and renew protective additives in the fluid that are depleted over time. The ESSO ATF - LT 71141 is not a cheap oil, but can be found under $15 online from different locations. co. Product Details. 2cst), c) it is a ACEA A3 oil which means that it is approved for longer change intervals and has a HTHS (High Tempurature High RAVENOL ATF SP-IV Fluid is synthetic automatic transmission oil ATF on the basis of PAO (Polyalphaolefins) and the latest technology of the HC/HT hydrocrack oils which is made for 6-stroke Hyundai automatic transmission. Even the biggest car buffs love our BMW Transmission Fluid parts selection. When it comes to your BMW 325i, you want parts and products from only trusted brands. It acts as a corrosion inhibitor and wear protection for the Planetary Gear sets. ATF is commonly used in many BMW manual gearboxes and power steering systems (be sure to check your owners manual to be sure). Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for BMW ATF AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION FLUID ATF2 at the best online prices at eBay! Free delivery for many products! Universal Global Synthetic Multi-Vehicle ATF may be used in a wide variety of applications including most General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota/Lexus, Nissan/Infiniti, and Honda/Acura transmissions, as well as transmissions installed in most Hyundai, Isuzu, Jaguar, Kia, Land Rover, Mazda, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Porsche, BMW, MINI, SAAB, Multi-Purpose ATF DEXRON ® III / MERCON 330 Gallon 526-002 N/A N/A L 47. As with the motor oil, the extended drain intervals (or lack of a recommendation to drain) on BMW automatics is a major issue for many experts and technicians in the field. com® also displays your Expected Ship Date and transit time in your Cart, making our entire shipping process simple and transparent. BMW E36 Fluids . Register Log In Home Forums ATF, Differential, Trans, Brakes, P/S BMW Recommended Oils A while back we had reported BMWNA was working on publishing a list of recommended oils to be used in gasoline engines. Oil is getting into the coolant. Valvoline™ DEX/MERC ATF. So my choices on synthetic (at least partly) oils get reduced at the moment to Fuchs Dexron VI, Gulf Dexron VI and Motul Multi ATF, that it's not fully synthetic I believe, as it's advertised as synthetic use of any other oil will cause a non-warrantable transmission failure ! 5hp30 (a5s 560z) use only shell la 2634 bmw part number 83 22 9 407 765 5 liter black - lifetime fill use only esso atf lt 71141 bmw part number 83 22 9 407 807 20 liter blue – lifetime fill unical dexron iii “multi-purpose atf” castrol dexron iii – mercon On the honda accord forum a Honda mechanic reccomended filling the crankcase with ATF and running it for 15 minutes to clean the engine if it was really dirty. In our catalog, we say Liqui Moly is the best oil you can put in your BMW’s or MINI’s engine. When the automatic transmission was still an oddity, only a few manufacturers supplied the whole market. This was a welcomed move as oil specifics have not been listed in the owner ‘s manual and some people like to have an independent garage (or alone) complete a mid recommended interval oil change. When I am in first and i rev up 3500rpm on some occasions it kicks violently between 3500-4000 rpm. suitable for bmw zf 6hp19 / 6hp21 / 6HP26 / 6hp28 / 6 speed automatic transm BMW 7045E BMW LA2634 BMW LT71141 DEXRON® DEXRON® II DEXRON® ®III Honda ®Z-1 Hyundai SP-III Idemitsu K17 JWS 3309 M315-2004 JASO 1A BMW 7045E MAN 339 Type V1 MAN 339 Type V2 Mazda ATF M-III Mazda ATF MV MB236#1,2,5,6,7,9, 10, 11 Kia SPII and SPIII MERCON V MERCON Mitsubishi Diamond SP-II, SP-III Mitsubishi ATF J2 Allison TES-295 Ford Type F Red Line D4 Automatic Transmission Fluid. Although not on BMW's list, if you want to have the best synthetic, look to Redline or Amsoil. It can be used in new and high mileage automatic transmissions. 67 le logo atf oil pour la boite il est collé sur ta boite, dessous la voiture, près du bouchon de remplissage, donc aucune erreur possible. At bimmerzone, we carry the important fluids for your car including genuine BMW motor oil (5w30 and 10w60) Red line water wetter, gear oil, automatic transmission fluid (ATF) Ate super blue and super gold brake fluid. Castrol ATF DEX III is an automatic transmission and power steering fluid for use in GM automatic transmissions pre 2005 and in many automatic transmissions where Dexron® (II or III) or Mercon performance is required. Automatic-transmission oil ATF 2, 1L original BMW - 83222305396, 83 22 2 305 396, 83-22-2-305-396 - Fits on models: E81 E87 E87 LCI E88 E82 E36 E46 E90 E90 LCI E91 E91 LCI E92 E92 LCI E93 E93 LCI E39 E60 E60 LCI E61 E61 LCI E63 E63 LCI E64 E64 LCI E38 E65 E66 F01 F02 X1 (E84) X3 (E83) X3 (E83LCI) X5 (E53) X5 (E70) X5 (E70LCI) X6 (E71) Z4 (E85) Z4 (E86) Z4 (E89) I Know BMW is very specific about the spec their trany oil meets. Re: ATF OIL for bmw Did a few calls around, there is a difference between just changing the transmission fluid and chaning the fluid with the filter. Red Line synthetic D4 ATF is suitable for use where Dexron III, Dexron II, or Mercon fluids are recommended. It is typically coloured red or green to distinguish it from motor oil and other fluids in the vehicle. It acts as a hydraulic fluid, to engage clutch packs & shift the gears. AMSOIL Signature Series Multi-Vehicle Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid. I did not run the car and used a shop vac to suck all - Answered by a verified BMW Mechanic Find Pentosin, 1058107 ATF, Automatic Transmission Fluid; Semi-Synthetic Blend; 1 liter G052162A2 at discount prices in our extensive auto parts catalog. The quality of a transmission fluid in your BMW is about how long it will work. ZRoadster. The ZF transmissions come filled with a "Lifetime" ATF available as Esso LT71141. Under the hood of my 2003 325i with steptronic transmission, there is a cap that says ATF oil only. Buy BMW (02-13) Automatic Transmission Fluid (6 Liters) ZF (oem) atf oil: Hard Parts - Amazon. Valvoline DEXRON™-VI ATF. Look at the viscosity at 40c spec. Many cars rely on regular ATF (Dexron III and so on) for power steering assist, such as the BMW E39 5-Series, most BMW E38 7-Series, and many others. 98 Specific Gravity @ 60°F (15. A-Premium Automatic Transmission Fluid Oil pan for BMW E60 E70 E82 E85 E90 E92 E93 F01 24152333907. Pentosin ATF 1 is a fully synthetic high performance Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) for life-time application in automatic gear boxes. . This if for a 1997 Plymouth Breeze 2. The ratings and reviews for these BMW Automatic Transmission Fluid aftermarket parts really help you make the right decision. BMW Synthetic Motor Oil is made for BMW by Castrol. BMW ATF Change. Valvoline™ CVT Continuously Variable Transmission Fluid. ATF, as it is commonly called, also contains special additives to inhibit rust formation, prevent foaming, reduce wear and corrosion, improve flow at temperature extremes, and lubricate seals and gaskets. For years there was no "compatible" fluid for LT71141 but now there are several on the market from Valvoline, Castrol and others. Transmission and oil pan labeled with Texaco ETL-7045 SLF BMW part number 83 22 0 026 922, ETL-7045E This Genuine BMW BMW Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF-4) - 1 Liter (Mfg#83222220442) fits BMW. Order BMW 328i Engine Oil online today. Buy cheap Automatic Transmission Fluid / ATF for your BMW E90 online on the site Onlinecarparts. => BMW ATF 3 , Oil No. BMW recommends ATF oil in all manual transmission in cars produced 1/1995 and later. Choose from conventional, synthetic blend and fully synthetic ATFs. Had the levels checked and they are fine but the oil is old. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases BMW ATF 3 , Real OEM states BMW ATF2 or Automatic transmission fluid ETL 7045 E ATF 1 ( Which it says Ended ) I have a new 5 liters of BMW ATF 3 Can I use this ATF 3 in my transmission instead? I was told that thats what BMW is now using on the new transmissions and I know somone who used it in their E90 transmission. Genuine BMW ATF-3+ AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION FLUID 1L 83222289720 *****FREE SHIPPING***** ATF 3+ 1 Liter Genuine BMW fluid for your GA8HP45Z, GA8HP50Z, GA8HP50X, GA8HP70Z or GA8HP75Z Automatic transmission service ZF automatic transmissions are filled with specially developed semi-synthetic oils. vehicles but I have read on here only to use ATF+4 I know ATF+4 replaced ATF+3 a few years back I bought ATF because I didnt see ATF+4. Contact your dealership if you are unsure. 3 series 5 BMW and when i stop at lights i get a very small jolt this does not happen if i stop in neutral i am going to change the transmission oil as it has 95K on the clock will changing the fluid cure this slight jolt. Only the best BMW transmission fluid for your beloved car! Advanced RAVENOL BMW transmission fluids are manufactured in Germany using the highest quality base oils and produced for your specific transmission. Find out how much engine oil does your car need. Fits Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Porsche, VW. uk. Valvoline™ Type F Mobil 1 motor oil is widely available, but not the same with the ATF. Joing the discussion as our knowledge base expands to help you with your motor oil needs. The D4 ATF is a full-synthetic product designed with superior low-temperature properties compared to a Dexron III® fluid, and the improved shear-stability requirements which is part of the Mercon V® specifications. Every eEuroparts. The car has covered only 46000 miles, and drives faultlessly. An evaluation of AMSOIL Signature Series ATF and AMSOIL Signature Series Long-Life Engine Oil operated under severe-service conditions in Las Vegas taxi cabs for extended drain intervals. Whether it's stock-like replacement fluids for the street or higher-performance fluids for track use or custom BMW gear sets, we offer only the highest quality BMW driveline fluids available. So, in conclusion, your ATF should be Looking for BMW Power Steering Oil ATF Reservoir Cap Seal 1128333 32411128333 cheap? Buy spare parts and accessories for Repair Kits with worldwide delivery at UKAR AUTO. 1 kb) BMW Recommended Lubricants & Fluids. 5W Motul synthetic Fork Oil. Order now! Driveline fluids keep all your BMW transmission and differential gears properly lubricated for the longest, high-performance life possible. BMW automatic transmission fluid should be changed every 30,000 miles - 60,000 miles. When I did DIY servicing, I do it every 20km, drain and top. Valvoline™ Import Multi-Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid. This fluid meets both the 7045E spec and LT71141 spec for these transmissions. Many of our customers have found improved wear characteristics and performance by swapping out BMW's longlife fluids for Red Line D4 ATF. I just put engine oil in atf in 2003 bmw. Turn the wheel lock-to-lock a few times and check the fluid again. Pennzoil Platinum ATF+4 is a full synthetic automatic transmission fluid designed for Chrysler, Dodge, and other brands using this Chrysler-specific ATF. ’ And Liqui Moly is more expensive. 665 / 2524. CARiD is well-known for the quality parts and accessories all over the world. 95 Trending at $89. By the way I was quoted RM1. Mobil just import their economic range of mineral ATF's, not Mobil 1. However, for the best results drain or flush the current oil and then fill with Max ATF. If you started the car I would have it towed to a place that can do a transmission flush. I use redline motor oil (I have a S52) in my engine but chose to follow factory recommendation on the tranny and diff oils. 5K by German motors for the ATF change , include labour and new oil pan. In January of 2015, BMW dropped Castrol as its recommended oil supplier and switched to Shell. This invariably generates questions from our customers: “BMW says I should use their Castrol 5W-30 oil. BMW recomended 5W for my R100RT. Page 2 of 2 - ATF oil change - posted in Maintenance & Repairs: Wonder how many people changes their ATF regularly? I do so every 40K. For some reason (actually, a lower Cost to Own index), BMW has been historically reluctant to prescribe what would be considered a standard fluid and filter change interval on their automatic transmissions. 99. Hint, weight is a range not a specific, so 1 brand 5w might be thicker or thinner than another brand. If you need to change the transmission fluid in your 2018 BMW 5-Series, be our guest! Max ATF is fully compatible and can be mixed with other automatic transmission fluids. Used kW Head Recommended oil for transmissions of BMW X5. Part 83222289720 was found on the following vehicles ATF 3 1 Liter - NEW. The special formulation provides superior properties compared to a similar ATF. With the advent of BMW including scheduled maintenance in effect on cars since 1997, many are uncomfortable with letting fluid change intervals go the distance recommended by the "serviced indicator lights", a series of green, yellow, and red lights on the instrument cluster which determine when the car needs service. Midlands Lubricants Ltd, supplier distributor of premium quality own brand oil and lubricants suitable for BMW including, our BMW suitable 0w/30 Engine Oil, BMW suitable 5w/30 Engine Oil, BMW suitable Gear Oil, Differential Oil, Gearbox Oil and BMW suitable 75w/80 Transmission Fluid, BMW suitable Dexron II Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) as well as Antifreeze (Coolant) for all BMW makes and Automatic transmission fluid (ATF), also known as transmission fluid or tranny fluid (), is the fluid used in vehicles with self-shifting or automatic transmissions. 😂 atf confirm 30-40k must change 1 time. I know BMW says this is a lifetime oil but I tend to think that this is not the case as the manufacturers of DEXRON 6 recommend a change in transmission oil every 100 000 miles. (même pour une boite manu, ça fait + de 20 ans que bmw utilise cette huile pour ses boites) As with our motor oils, we offer a wide variety of Mobil™ automatic transmission fluids (ATF) for your car. With a flush, you're going to remove all the existing ATF and (probably) some sediments and contaminants that currently aren't bothering anything. 6°C) ASTM D4052 0. 92 Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. com® order is track-able, meaning you'll know exactly where your Auto Trans Fluid (Dexron VI) (4 Liter) is at every step of the shipping process. atf oil bmw